VMR specializes in election research, opinion polls, campaign management, communication and legislative debate research. We offer various products and services that are linked closely to elections and legislative conduct.

opinion-poll-exit-pollWith rapid economic development, the class of the voter has begun to matter as well. This would mean incorporating the social and economic status of the respondents. VMR will attempt to diagnose not just the caste based voting preferences but also the class based voting preferences, and this is a very volatile voter that is simply growing in numbers. A characterization of this voter backed with ample research is the key to forming a winning strategy. We employ a variety of customized methodologies.

Opinion Polls: 

These are essentially mood trackers. These could cover a whole range of questions such as popularity of the leaders and principal issues in the election, besides the demographic voting preferences. VMR would make seat projections based on the data collected from the field.

We serve our clients through a variety of methodologies:

– Qualitative Input
– Constituency Track
– Shift Voter Techniques
– Polling Booth Survey
– Candidate / Seat Selection
– Constituency Report Card
– Government Assessment Survey

Exit Poll: 

Exit polls on the day of polling go ahead with a targeted questionnaire with scientifically pre-selected booths for the purpose of obtaining a representative sample and making seat projections based on those. Exit poll provides suitable indicators about the mood of the public and make for healthy television programming and debate.

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