Elections mean VMR, unbeaten leader in predicting poll outcomes, the only team in India which plans, executes and ensures the success of political campaigns. Votersmood at VMR offers unmatched products and services for elections, legislative conduct and governance.

election-campaign-managementIf elections are the festival of democracy, then we are the ones who manage that event for you. With firm on-ground presence and vast experience in creating election campaigns, we are the company that understands how qualitative feedback on the ground corresponds to metrics and KPI’s for you and how the same can be used for the purpose of developing an effective election management strategy.

VMR Voter Assessment:

A constituency data management system to create complete data bank that tells everything you need to know about constituency. A unique product to collect, evaluate & verify each voter profile. Inputs that help plan out micro level strategy at the level of a unique polling booth in the constituency, which helps the candidate in the electoral battle.

VMR Activist Resources & Management: 

We help identify and create a network of dedicated activists from the candidate’s constituency with specific skill sets for campaign support. We ensure network management of activists through the use of technologies. We prepare an exclusive worker List, which helps the candidate in the electoral battle. The activists are identified and trained per polling booth.

VMR Campaign Strategy: 

Our team of political strategists, specialize in the development of promotional campaigns around specific candidates or certain specific interest groups. This is achieved by planning campaign themes, coordinating campaign staffers, and arranging events to publicize candidates or causes. In a campaign strategy we chart the entire road map to victory, which is driven by understanding factors that change voter behavior. The electorate is divided into categorical groups that demarcate the candidate’s base, the opponent’s base, and the undecided voters. Census based demographic inputs and other inputs collected from a survey are used for generating the voter connect.

VMR Campaign Tracking Surveys: 

A campaign is a continuously evolving interaction. Through campaign tracking surveys, we are able to monitor the changing perceptions of the voter in real-time. This helps in natural evolution of a campaign to create the highest impact. Catering to the minor details of a constituency and its dynamics, this technology-based support is a guaranteed formula for success.

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Elections mean VMR
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